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  • Lithuanian Special Archives - 83.23%
  • Lithuanian Central State Archives - 90.38%

There are 9 (nine) archives in Lithuania under an umbrella of the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania: 5 (five) State archives and 4 (four) Regional Archives. Latter have subdivisions in all the country.

The main Archival Law was adopted on September 1, 1990. The Law was changed three times and archives were supervised by different institutions: 1) September 1, 1990 – December 30, 1995; 2) December 30, 1995 – January 1, 2005; 3) January 1, 2005 – January 1, 2011.

Recent changes in the main Law on Archives and Documents were introduced on January 1, 2011, when the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania was established (the Order of the Government of Lithuania, No. 1788, 15 December, 2010) 

The main archival institution in Lithuania is the Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania, established on January 1, 2011. The Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania is a legal body of the Government of Lithuania, and is responsible for the policy of Lithuanian archives, in cooperation with the other Ministries (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs etc.). 

The system of archives in Lithuania alongside with the Office of the Chief Archivist consists of nine archives: 5 State archives (Lithuanian State Historical Archives, Lithuanian Central State Archives, Lithuanian State Modern Archives, Lithuanian Special Archives, Lithuanian Archives of Literature and Art) and 4 Regional archives.


Information on the Assessed Archives

Lithuanian Special Archives established on October 10, 1995. The archives are responsible for preservation of files of former repressive and political institutions of Soviet Lithuania, as well as files regarding anti-Soviet and ant-Nazi resistance.  The Lithuanian Special Archives have three subdivisions and reading rooms which encompass and provide accessibility of collections of documents as follows: 1) Documents of the State Security Committee of the Lithuanian SSR (NKGB-MGB-KGB); 2) Documents of Lithuanian Communist Party and other political, public and social organizations; 3) Documents of the Ministry of Interior of the Lithuanian SSR (NKVD-MVD). More than 1,350,000 files occupying over 17,000 linear meters of shelving space consist fonds of the Archives.

Lithuanian Central State Archives. After proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Lithuania (1918) first archives were established. Predecessor of Lithuanian Central State Archives was founded on October 19, 1921 in Kaunas. During Soviet (1940–1941; 1944–1990) and Nazi occupations (1941–1944) the Archives were moved to Vilnius. Shortly after restoration of Independence of Lithuania (1990) files of archives were declassified (1994). Alongside archival materials from 19th – early 20th century (photographs, documents, sound and video records, etc.) Lithuanian Central State Archives preserve collections of documents related to the Nazi occupation period, as well as files of Soviet institutions (e.g. the Supreme Council Presidium of the Lithuanian SSR, Council of Ministers, etc.).  Nine sets of 2,177 fonds consist approximately 3.5 million files of documents, more than 32,000 audio, video and cinematographic records, and 390,000 photographs.



Population - 2.8 million
Area - 65.301 km²
State / Central Archives - 5
Regional And Departmental Archives - 4