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  • State Security Archive of Azerbaijan
  • Archive of Political Documents of the Office of the President of Azerbaijan Republic (APDOPAR)

Azerbaijan has 6 state archives with 15 branches, 1 state archive of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and 57 district and city archives and 1 restoration center. Total number of items stored in state archives is about 3.7 mln files (as of 01.01.2018).


Information on the Assessed Archives

The Archive of Political Documents under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in 1991 on the basis of Unified Party Archive, which existed since 1920 and was administered by the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party until 1991, when the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic took over. Since 2009, the Archive was moved under the Presidential Administration under the above name. The Archive holds documents of the former Communist governmental organizations, personal archives of revolutionaries, public organizations, and the documents of the Presidential Administration. Statistics on the work of the Archive is unavailable.

The State Security Archive of Azerbaijan holds materials of the State Security Committee of the Azerbaijani SSR (KGB Archive).

Population - 9.9 million
Area - 86.600 km²
State / Central Archives - 7
Regional And Departmental Archives - 57