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  • Estonian National Archives (former state security committee funds) - 85%
  • Estonian National Archives - 85%

National Archives is an Estonian archival centre with units in Tallinn, Tartu, Rakvere, and Valga. The collections of the National Archives are available via the archive’s information system AIS, where it is possible to perform a search by entering titles of archives, series and records, or keywords.

National Archives draws responses to enquiries based on archival materials and submits archival notices. Notices are prepared based on the data found in the archival materials concerning some event, subject or person.

An archival enquiry has to be submitted if you need an archival notice to certify rights or transactions. The state fee for an archival notice is 15 euros.

You can also submit an archival enquiry if you need information due to personal interest. The fee for drafting a response letter is 15 euros. The archives cannot perform any extensive research.

In the case of genealogical research, the archive does not provide the service of conducting extensive research or drawing up a genealogy, but it guides you to respective sources to use independently.Instructions for conducting individual research are available in the Research section at the virtual reading room VAU.

Archival notices can be applied also in the VAU, where you have to choose the respectiv Archival Enquiry form. This is also where you can find all the information about applying for a notice, methods of payment and delivery.

For example, you can inquire

Inquiries can also be submitted on site:

  • at 24 Madara Street in Tallinn
  • at 3 Nooruse Street in Tartu
  • at 23 Näituse Street in Rakvere
  • at 6 Vabaduse Street in Valga.

For more information, visit the website of the National Archives


Population - 1.33 million
Area - 45.339 km²
State / Central Archives - 4
Regional And Departmental Archives - -